Fraud-Proof Practice

Utilize our proprietary web-platform integrated with the necessary internal controls integrated

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate together to undertake complete corporate accounting, treasury, payroll

Hassle-free Services

Convenient easy-to-use system requires minimal training and entire accounting and payrol

Representative Office

Representative Office is often positioned as a liaison office whose employees are responsible for marketing, promotion, aftermarket service or other alternate function. Client must generate a local Tax ID and may be responsible for payment cycle, employee payroll compliance and corporate record reporting among other responsibilities. With package A, we handle everything for our clients […]

Entity without Inventory

Some professional services or service oriented industries whose revenue is generated from services generally do not have an inventory-bookkeeping issue. In these situations, foreign business do not need to recruit any in-house accounting staff using our services. A business operation will need to process government accounting requirements (such as VAT), handle company payments and issue […]

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Entity with Inventory

An entity with inventory which buy/sells goods, keeps them or uses them during a business process will be involved in an inventory bookkeeping issues and may also need to do cost accounting. Managing cash flow, processing payments, generating reports, filing tax (and VAT) doing cost analysis accounting are all typically requisite. With package C, clients […]

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