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Payroll Compliance and Processing

Evershine become Taiwan Partner of ADP (www.adp.com), worldwide famous payroll service provider from 2012 September.

S3: Payroll Compliance Services for WFOEs in Taiwan or Beijing or Xiamen or Shanghai or Guangzhou or Other China Area. WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)

Your Benefits:

Regulation-Proof: Compliance with local labor law.

You control staff salary raises.

Retain at least one person who handles payroll affairs.

Our features are below:

Multilingual Service Team: Chinese, English, Japanese

CPA lead service team with a consulting lawyer

Web-platform support payroll authorization process

Total staff of Present Clients is over 3000 (headcount as of 2010/03).

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The items of human resources BPO service:

1.1.1 Providing collaborative web-based platform, called as Online Salary

Management System, for your company to use to maintain the data files

required for daily applications of labor, insurance and health insurance

and monthly salary calculation.

1.1.2 Registration application and content change (including de-listing),

application for labor and health insurance according to the instructions

maintained by Volt Taiwan staff through Evershine’s web-based platform

described in item.

1.1.3 Salary calculation: Labor insurance charge paid by the company and employee. Health insurance charge paid by the company and employee. Pension fund charge paid by the company and employee. Withholding tax. Gross salary and net cash salary.

1.1.4 Salary wiring transferring services through local web banking function

authorized by three roles which include: the  Maker, Reviewer &

Approver. Evershine staff would play the Maker role.

1.1.5 Delivering

payment slip to each employee 1.1.6 Accepting queries from each


1.1.7 Year ending accumulation of salary income and withholding tax report to

the Taxation Bureau.

1.1.8 Year ending insurance premium certificate.

1.1.9 Severance pay application.

1.1.10  Semi-annual adjustment of insured caps and LPA caps.

As for payroll compliance services in Taiwan, see detailed information

Online Salary Management System includes the following modules:

* Online Payroll

* Online .Pay slip

* Online Leave

* Online Timesheet

* Online Staff basic personnel information

* Online Annual personnel Tax

* Online Proposal authorization and follow-up

* Custom tailor made if necessary

How we collaborate with your staff to do payroll processing job?

First, customers  staff uses Online Salary Management System, designed by Evershine, to provide accurate information, like camera:

1.Some of our customers are usually their own statistical staff attendance data to document work, work and leave the situation, and statistics to provide input or upload to our salary management system.

2. We offer an online salary management system allows employees to fill customer base salary-related information, such as the number of dependent relatives, should issue, leaving date, bank account, E-mail Address so.

3. We offer an online salary management system also allows customers to pay directly to the head of personnel maximum of signing in order to immediately inform our employees a monthly salary of the new, follow-up of pay and wage situation.

4. Our online salary management systems are also available to customers in a different month to pay some staff changes in the amount of items and pay adjustments.

Second, we use the wage calculation module to calculate, as if helping clients to develop photos:

1. 3 days before payday each month, according to customers on the front-end

customer management system payroll information for payroll spreadsheet, this spreadsheet includes each employee’s salary be needed in the field.

2. Spreadsheet monthly salary, then the highest by customers and personnel

in charge confirmed that audit. For changes, please customers to change to a salary management system, until fully confirmed.

Third, we present pay slip by different was in the secure ways as below:

1.  We deliver individual pay slip with format of pdf file in encryption by e-mail

2. We also allow each employee query his/her own pay slip.

3.  When your staff need to query, our payroll handler can answer.


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