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Three groups in four different languages

Evershine platforms are composed of three groups in four different languages

Composed of three groups:
The first group is a web-based financial control system which includes an accounts payable web-based authorization system, accounts receivable web-based authorization system and a journal entries web-base authorization system.
The second group is a web-based general ledger authorization system which includes various financial statements.
The third group is a web-based buy-and-sell module which includes an inventory-purchasing system, inventory-selling system and an inventory system.

Support different language versions:
The web-based financial control system can be shown in two languages at the same time. There are three groups:
English plus Traditional Chinese,
English plus Simplified Chinese,
English plus Japanese.

The web-based general ledger system and the web-based buy-and-sell module can use one of 4 languages at one time. Languages that are available are: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.