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Web Platform

Our web-platform was designed in-house in order to provide our afford online accounting services to WFOE clients in Taiwan, China, Japan and in other countries across the globe. Our clients obtain all our afford online accounting services via unique access to our world-class web-platform.

What is our web-platform?
We implement computer servers located in an Internet Data Center with our proprietary financial control uthorization system.

In order to safeguard information security, we use an RSA server with a one-time password e-token to strictly authenticate the access of every user. Our client users can safely access our web-platform to key-in, update, query or get real time financial reports anytime and anywhere.

There are more than 14 modules in our web-platform. Each one can be integrated with a large online banking system as well as with a well-known ERP. In order to match the needs of different language users, our web-platform now can be offered in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Through support from the web-platform , our afford online accounting service has three features:
1. Hassle-free:
When using our afford online accounting services, your Asia operation can be easily set up. You don’t need to bother about tax or labor regulation compliance.
2. Seamless-collaboration:
Your subsidiary staff, parent company staff and Evershine staff, all three parties can seamlessly collaborate with one another. All processes and documentation are updated immediately and can be accessed in real time for each authorized party.
3. Fraud-proof:
Our web-platform can be linked with local banking online authorization system functions. Only petty cash will be kept in your local office, any other payments can be approved remotely and be wired out directly without passing through local cashier.