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Service Items

We provide the following featured services in Asia:

Company set-up,Virtual office, Payroll, Accouting Outsourced, Office Automatation Form and Time-shared CFO services which are respectively symbolized as  S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6.

How We Serve You?

S1 Company setup service service coverage

S1a: Registration services for subsidiary, branch or joint venture

S1b: Registration services for representative office

S2 Virtual office service coverage

S2: Virtual office for registration use

S3 Payroll service service coverage

S3: Services for payroll compliance and processing

S4 Accounting service service coverage

S4a: Services for receiving cycle – from order to cash

S4b: Services for payment cycle – from purchase to payment

S4c: Services for general ledger – record to reporting

S4d: Services for VAT filing

S4e: Services for cost accounting

S5 OA form development service coverage

S5: Office automation form

S6 Time sharing CFO service coverage

S6: Time-sharing Chief Financial Officer

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