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Payroll Compliance Services in Taiwan

Evershine already serves more than 130 WFOE clients (2013, November).

Evershine become as Taiwan Partner of ADP ( www.adp.com ), world famous payroll service provider( from 2012, September).

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Our Service Coverage:

*Company Registartion of Taiwan WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity)

*Work Permit Application

*Working Visa Application

*ARC (Aliens Resident Certificate) Application

*Online Payroll Management System

* File for listing and delisting of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance

* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime

* Labor Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee

* Health  insurance Charge paid by the company and employee

* Pension Fund Charge paid by the company and employee

* Withholding Tax

* Gross salary and net-cash salary

* Salary wire transferring services

* Delivering payment slip to each employee

* Accepting query from each employee.

* Year-ended accumulation salary income and withholding tax report to Taxation Bureau.

* Year-end insurance premium certificate

* Severance pay application

* Semi-annual adjustment of insured caps and LPA caps

Emploment Oursourced Services in Taiwan

If your company doesnt want to set up an WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) in Taiwan, but you will recruit employees temporarily or by project base, we suggest you adopt our Taiwan Employment Outsourcing Services. It means Evershine will recruit your overseas expatriates or Taiwan local staff on behalf of your company. And then we will take care of all kinds of relevant local services including of payroll compliance and expenditure process. More detailing information about this service, please link to webpage: https://www.afford-bpo.com/taiwan/employment-outsourcing-services-in-taiwan

Our Online Payroll Management System includes the following modules:

* Online Basic Data collection

* Online Payroll Parameter collection

* Online Leave authorization

* Online Overtime authorization

* Online Payroll Calculation

* Online Proposal authorization

* Online Pay slip

* Online Annual personnel Tax

* Custom tailor made if necessary

*Salary wire transferring services through local web banking function authorized by three roles including Maker, Reviewer & Approver. Evershine staff would play  Maker role.

Regulations need to be followed on payroll compliance in Taiwan:

1. Once an employee on board, he/she need to file for getting labor insurance ,health insurance right at that day. Once an employee leaving company, he/she need to file for de-listing from labor insurance, health insurance.

2. Payroll for each employee includes taxable salary and tax-free salary. Taxable salary must pay withholding income tax which rate varies with the number of his/her dependents. Withheld income tax by company must be paid to Tax Bureau before the next month 10th.

3. Each employee need to have labor insurance, health insurance, and pension fund. Except an employee bear his/her portion of fees. Employers have to undertake most of them. They must be paid to the Bureau of Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance Council and the Employee Pension Board before next month 15th.

How we collaborate with your subsidiary staff to do payroll processing job?

First, your staff uses Online Payroll Management System, designed by Evershine, to provide accurate information, like camera to take photos:

1.Using Evershine system, your employees can fill in salary-related information, such as  fixed salary, non-fixed salary, the number of dependents, leaving data, Overtime data, bank account, E-mail Address etc.,.

2. If you have your own human management system, you can provide us monthly gross salary file to us. Then we upload them to our salary management system.

Second, we use the Payroll Calculation module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet, as if helping you develops to be photos from film:

1. 3 days before payday, according to data files provided by your staff, we use

Payroll Calculation module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet. Monthly salary spreadsheet will include:

* Labor Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee

* Health insurance  Charge paid by the company and employee

* Pension Fund Charge paid by the company and employee

* Withholding Tax

* Gross salary and net-cash salary

2. Monthly salary spreadsheet must be approved by your authorized personnel staff.

3. After being approved, we will upload the file to your assigning internet bank for your executing directly wiring-out to each employee’s bank account.

Third, we present pay slip by different delivery route in the secure ways as below:

1.  We deliver individual pay slip with format of pdf file in encryption by e-mail

2.  We also allow each employee to querying his/her own pay slip through cloud server.

3. When your staff needs to be explained, our payroll handler can answer by phone.

Contact us as below:

If you need Payroll Compliance Service in Taiwan, Please contact as below:

Miss Kerry Chen  Speaking in English-Graduated from USA Graduate School

Office Phone: +886-2-27170515 E105

Email: payroll.taiwan@evershinecpa.com

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