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Integrated with well-known ERP

Evershine platform integrated with well known ERP system

The mechanism of downloading from client database or uploading a file into the client database:

Extraction from the client database:

In principle, as long as a client lets an Evershine engineer use the VPN to link
with the client database server, the relevant data files such as AR or AP can be downloaded into the Evershine platform.

Uploading Evershine data files into the client database system:

In principle, we can upload our journal entry data files to several famous ERP systems. As for other ERP systems, in principle, if the client can assign an in-house or qualified outsourced engineer, Evershine surely could upload our data files into clients’ database for their use. This can avoid double key-in.

Evershine collaborative platform integrated into well known ERP system

ERP systems in the Taiwan area
Tip-top ERP System; Tien-Hsin ERP System; Gracecome ERP system
ERP systems In PRC area
UFIDA ERP system; Kingdee ERP system
ERP systems In Japan
TKC ERP System