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Hassle-free services

As long as you are based in Asia and can link to the Internet you can use our services.

With only 1 to 2 hours of training your staff can use our web-platform.

The entire accounting and payroll system could be implemented in a week.

Cloud accounting and payroll supported by platform

When a client would like to engage Evershine to provide outsourcing services in accounting, treasury, tax compliance and payroll management the first requirement would be to use the web-based platform system for internal financial control.

In different languages

We provide the web-based platform in different language versions based on different native language areas. The present available versions include Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Once it is required, we can also provide the following versions: Russian, Spanish with English, French with English, German with English and Arabic with English. If the client installs this web-based platform, then the accounting, treasury, taxation and payroll tasks are much easier and more flexible for the qualified persons. These functions can be undertaken by the staff of the subsidiary, staff of the parent company, Evershine staff or staff of an engaged certified tax accounting firm.

Collaboration among staff in the subsidiary, parent company and Evershine

Evershine only provides a web-based platform system designed by us. All function for accounting, treasury, taxation and payroll management would be undertaken by staff of the subsidiary or staff of the parent company. Clients will execute their business processes through the web-based platform system provided by Evershine.

Hassle-Free services

Evershine will teach the clients staff how to use our web platform system which is stationed in the Chung-Hua Telecommunication Internet Data Center. Clients do not need to invest any more money in computer servers or software. Client staff users only need to be allowed to access the Internet.

If your subsidiary does not want to recruit any staff relevant to accounting function and payroll management, you can engage Evershine to do this on your behalf. If a client has a staff recruiting problem when setting up a new cross-region operation they can assign Evershine staff to undertake this task.

Local partner arranged by us

In Taiwan, the client service team would be staff assigned by Evershine CPAs Firm, Evershine BPO Service Corp, Xiamen Evershine BPO Service Company and certified tax accounting firms located near your subsidiary. In other countries like Japan, Singapore, etc, the service team would be staff assigned by Evershine BPO Service Corp. and an IAPA  member  or LEA member  or ADP member located near your base of operation.